About Me

Former Chief Minister, Ex. Union Cabinet Minister

Educational Qualification:

Schooling from Balua Bazar (Saharsa, Bihar), B.A. (Hon.), From T.N.B.College (Bhagalpur), M.A. (Economics), From L.S. College (Muzaffarpur) Ph. D. (Public Finance), From Bihar University. Social Worker and Administrator; Economist, Politician, started his career as a lecturer and later became University Professor of Economics at Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.
Positions Held :
  • Chief Minister of Bihar (Thrice) 1975-77, 1980-83, 1989-90.
  • Union Minister for Agriculture, Rural Areas and Employment 1995-96.
  • Leader of Opposition, Bihar Legislative Assembly (twice) 1978-79.
  • President Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee (twice) 1989-90, 1992.
  • Chairman, L.N. Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 1972 till present.
  • Chairman and Director-General, L.N. Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change, Patna 1974-90. 
  • Chairman Bihar Institute of Economic Studies.
Member :
(1) Bihar Legislative Council (elected), 1968-1972.
(2) Bihar Legislative Assembly, 1972-1988, 1990-94.
(3) Parliament (Rajya Sabha), 1988-1990, 1994-2000.
(4) Committee on Home Affairs.
(5) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers.
(6) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Finance.
(7) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Communication.
(8) Court of Jawaharlal Nehru University.
(9) Court of Aagrah Muslims University (twice).

 Publication of books of Different Topics : 
(1) Bhartiya Sangh Ki Vittiya Pravirtiyan.
(2) My Vision for India’s Rural Development.
(3) Feel the Agony of Bihar.
(4) Disha Sanket.
(5) Money- Banking and International Trade.
(6) Arthik Sindhant Aur Vyavsayik Sangathan.
(7) Trends in Indian Federal Finance.
(8) New Dimensions of Federal Finance.
(9) Indian Economic Development.
(10) Financing of State Plans.
(11) Planning and Regional Development in India.
(12) Co-operative Banking in Bihar.
(13) Land Reforms in Bihar.
(14) Agricultural Marketing in Bihar.

 With the motive to remove the illiteracy and to uplift the living standard of the society founded many professional and other non-profit institutes, and organisation like:

  • L.N. Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change, Patna.
  • L.N. Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur.
  • L.N. Mishra Tirhut College, Muzaffarpur.
  • Ghoghardiha College, Ghoghardiha, District Madhubani (Bihar).
  • Bihar Institute of Economic Studies, Patna. 
  •  Instrumental in setting up of the L.N. Mishra Mithila University, Darbhanga. Land and building of Raj Darbhanga were acquired under his govt. U.G.C., conditions of reorganisation were fulfilled by depositing crores of rupees by the state govt.
  • Established Human Rights Protection Foundation at Patna.
  •  Established Bihar Jan Vikas Manch. Has written about forty research papers in reputed journals and guided twenty Ph. D. Dissertations on Economics.
He is popularly known as Crusader for the cause of Bihar; actively involved in the ‘Bhoodan Movement’ started by late shri Vinoba Bhave during 1953-60 and gave up most of his inherited land to the landless. Instrumental in distribution of large scale of land to landless people. Toured entire state by foot for convincing Land Lords to give away land and support abolishing of Zamindari during Bhoodan Movement. Donated 1300 acres of his Family members land to the Bhoodan Movement. Family history of Freedom Fighters. Eleven close family members very actively involved in freedom movement. None have sought any govt. support. Elected to the Syndicate and Senate of Bihar University on several occasions and also Member of the Court of Aligarh Muslim University and J.N.U., Delhi. Life Member of Babasaheb Bhimrao Bihar University Senate, Muzaffarpur. Life Member of Lalit Narayan Mithila University Senate, Darbhanga. Awarded the title of “Meer-e-Urdu” by Meer Academy, Lucknow for promoting the cause of Urdu language. In recognition of his services to urdu and minority community many other institutions of other states have also awarded different titles: World urdu conference held at Delhi also awarded him title ‘Mohsene urdu’. Made urdu as second official language of Bihar. Accorded Madarsa, Minority schools and colleges the status equivalent to other govt. schools and colleges. Number of schemes were launched for socio-economic and educational upliftment of minorities. Major land reforms undertaken under his govt. as Chief Minister. Maximum number of land distributed to landless ever during his tenure specially to Schedule Caste and tribe and the weaker sections of the society. The above is a matter of record and can be verified. Made a major contribution towards the eradication of poverty through effective social security measures and Panchayati Raj. Worked extensively during the massive floods in north Bihar in 1987. Camped in the interiors of rural Bihar for more than two months to provide relief and comfort to people. Contributed in rehabilitation of thousands of families in the earthquake of 1988 in Bihar. Visited each and every affected villages to asses the damage and to coordinate with govt. agencies in relief work. Visited Moscow as the Special Representative of the Prime Minister in 1982. Represented India at the 12th General Session of Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation held in Cairo, Egypt in March, 1996. Conducted a study on the plight of under trials languishing in the jails of Bihar and submitted the same for necessary action to the National Human Rights Commission.